G-Boxes and Lids

G-Box cake boxes and lids.

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SKU Item Box QTY
BOXB1001 G BOX BASE ONLY 8x8x5 50
BOXB1003 G BOX BASE ONLY 10x10x6 50
BOXB1005 G Box Base Only 12x12x6 50
BOXB1007 G Box Base Only 14x14x6 50
BOXB1009 G BOX BASE ONLY 16x16x6 50
BOXB1010 G Box Base Only 18x18x6 50
BOXL1001 G BOX LIDS ONLY 8x8x2.5 50
BOXL1003 G BOX LIDS ONLY 10x10x2.5 50
BOXL1005 G BOX LIDS ONLY 12x12x2.5 50
BOXL1007 G BOX LIDS ONLY 14x14x2.5 50
BOXL1009 G BOX LIDS ONLY 16x16x2.5 50
BOXL1010 G BOX LIDS ONLY 18x18x2.5 50

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